Waste and litter

The MARPOL Annexes on garbage and sewage are long time implemented in many countries and companies. Yet gaps frequently appear in the onboard management or in the availability of reception facilities and even new issues emerges, such as the plastic littered ocean gyros. Sewage has recently also risen higher on the agenda, in specific for the cruise industry regarding management and reception facilities in the Arctic, Mediterranean or Baltic area.
In other arenas the waste technologies are still progressing and assessments must frequently be updated. This applies in particular regarding the drilling rigs and ships.
Public sector and organisations
Private sector –
Industry associations and NGOs
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Shipping, offshore and investor/lending

Several Danish Ministries

Danish Shipowners Association

Maersk Drilling

Assessment of an IMO recognised Particularly Sensitive Sea Area around Greenland.

Assessment of ship recycling facilities with respect to management of waste and hazardous waste.

Update on BAT technologies for drill ships and overview of hazardous waste and chemicals from produced water and sewage.