Ship recycling

LITEHAUZ has more than 15 years experience with ship recycling issues and have, as one of the few companies in the world, worked with most stakeholders on sound management and environmental issue related to ship recycling.
We provide notes, whitepapers and reports to the international community for informed decision-making and have worked for the World Bank, UNEP and the Basel Convention office amongst others. We assist national authorities, industry organisations and NGOs individually as ship recycling experts and facilitates the forming of platforms for collaboration amongst interested parties and stakeholders.
Our staff has inspected recycling facilities in all major recycling nations and we continuously monitor the availability of ship breaking yards with acceptable standards. You can trust us to safely guide you through the process of selling your ship for scrapping in a green yard assisting you with the choice of broker or cash buyer and with the pre-cleaning and technical preparations of the vessel for the last voyage. We provide on-site supervision and ensure that the dismantling process is sound and documented.
LITEHAUZ is an internationally recognized specialist in Inventories of Hazardous Materials (IHM) and Green Passport. We offer several packages for your ship, depending on whether the ship is destined for immediate scrapping, for second hand sale or continuous trading. Development of inventories can be carried out while the vessel is en route.
Selected references:
Public sector and organisations
Industry associations and NGOs
Shipping, offshore and investor/ lending


Danish Shipowners’ Association


Feasibility study of dismantling of ships, including development of an environmentally sound model for ship recycling dismantling facilities and the associated costs of esta-blishment.

Development of a list of acceptable ship recycling yards with regards to international requirements for sound recycling of ships.

Development of a Ready for recycling IHM for the total loss of the multipurpose ship M/S Lysblink. The work entailed Part I, II and III of the IMO 2011 Guidelines.